In LALOUX INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CRANIAL LISTENING we offer patient care in personalized consultations using a comprehensive and respectful approach to their state of health.

The objective of our treatments is to find the cause of each disease to treat it with techniques based on Osteopathy, Cranial Listening, Visceral Manipulation, German New Medicine, Hormonal Osteopathy and the Biological Power of Language, to put each patient in the recovery phase in the shortest possible time.

Of course, we pay attention to the most obvious signs and symptoms, but we insist on working on the causes because, in this way, we achieve lasting results with agility and in an effective way.


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With the same comprehensive and respectful approach towards the patient, our School also offers therapeutic care to domestic animals at home.

The range of pathologies in animals is not limited exclusively to the physical plane, but also we deal with alterations related to behavior, mood and its adaptation to the environment.

Our field of work includes mainly dogs, cats and horses. For other species, consult previously in the appointment book phone.


Book appointment: +34 636 40 51 28