My experience with Michael started when I was his student. I then continued my relationship with him as a client and this eventually grew into a friendship. When I went to visit Michael as a client because of discomfort, I was able to continue to live my experience as a student because I was excited about what I would learn. He is able to surprise me at every visit because gentle contact with Craniosacral creates a very strong vital energy in my body, helping me to become aware of the incredible amount of transformative energy that I have in my body. This allows me to trust in vital processes and the ability of self-regulation. In addition to this, as if that were not enough, he adjusts my vertebrae with such precision that it provides me with relief and comfort from the structural blockages in my body. When I leave the consultation in Madrid I do not hesitate to recommend him to all of my clients so that they can continue to work on their mind-body processes.

Thank you Michael for your work.

Juan Rodríguez Leiva

My experience as a patient of Michael Laloux is very extensive. I went to his consultation for the first time many years ago and since then I have visited him for many different reasons. I always receive great treatment and obtain excellent results. He successfully treated me for neck and lower back pain as well as hormonal imbalances (hyperthyroidism) and he recently prepped me for ear surgery (Cholesteatoma).

As a therapist, he is a guarantee.

Jorge Lemer

I went to Michael’s consultation because a friend recommended him to me. I didn’t have any major problems other than a constant pain in my neck and shoulders over the last few months due to bad posture at work. Michael’s gentle method of working made an impact on me (I was used to go to a woman in my village who would remove contractures using a very painful method). Through small maneuvers he was able to give me back not only my health but my smile. He also told me some very interesting things that my body had transmitted (without knowing me at all!!) and gave me some advice on how to deal with certain emotional situations. My experience has been very positive. He isn’t simply an Osteopath. His sessions are very complete and involve the mind, body and spirit.

Laura Nardini

My name is Sonia and I have been going to Michael’s consultation regularly for many years. I must recognize that, though he is not the only Osteopath that has treated me throughout the years, he is the only one who has used a personal yet effective technique. He listens not only to what the patients tell him but also what the body transmits through its expressions and framework. By listening gently without using any force, the organs are able to be reorganized in order to reach the origin of emotional and psychological problems. In my personal experience, sessions with Michael put me in deep contact with certain aspects of myself and this has always helped me improve my overall health. This is why I hold him in high esteem and go to him when I need to see things with clarity and find balance.

Sonia García

For many years I felt trapped in a cage, a prisoner of my own body, a body that I did not feel was mine. My sessions with Michael have literally set me free. As if by magic my spine has extended, allowing me to release an internal energy that I did not know that I had.

I finally found my axis and my body and spirit appreciate it.

Dario Avolio

My introduction to Craniosacral Therapy was under special circumstances, or rather, quite dramatic ones. After hearing my partner speak about the amazing gifts of Michael for years, I was able to see them for myself in the emergency room where I was told that my partner was going to die and that if he happened to survive, the best case scenario would be that he would wake up in a vegetative state. In a desperate search for a solutions that the medical team told us did not exist, we found Michael. In a state of coma as a result of a decompressive craniectomy, Michael was able to communicate with my partner using manual therapy. In his supposed vegetative state and in a coma, he was able to answer the questions that Michael asked him by pointing to the parts of his body that were in pain or bothered him. It was this amazing communication between the two that changed the NO of traditional medicine into a YES for the life of my partner. Happily my partner is alive and very far from living in a vegetative state. While he continues to have a long path of recovering ahead, he is lucky to have the company of Michael and his therapy on this journey.

Sheetal Joshi