DHI® DNA Harmonization for Immunity

DNA Harmonization for Immunity

What is DHI?

DHI is a DNA harmonization system to be applied to immunity, disease management, vaccine adaptation, and belief system.

What is DHI based on?

This harmonization system is supported by three pillars:

  • PBO + G: The triangle of the New Medicine Psyche – Brain – Organ + Genome.
  • The immunte system.
  • BPL: Biological Power of Language.

In the human being, the psyche, brain and organ are the three essential levels that must be reviewed in any situation of imbalance, which makes us understand that the disease is not an abnormal situation. It is rather a repair process that belongs to an SBS, a special, biological and sensible program planned by Nature to solve any alteration in the shortest possible time.

To this approach we incorporate the genome concept to study the instruction manual of our species through DNA.

By reformulating the old paradigm that the immune system is a defense or attack system, we will observe that it is rather a communication and coordination system that guarantees that the work of microorganisms is optimal during the repair phase.

Through the third pillar of this approach, the BPL, the belief system is harmonized by transforming useless expression routines, modifying speech when speaking and transforming it when thinking.

Who is DHI addressed to?

This course is addressed to anybody willing to know the communication criteria that exist between devices and systems in humans, from their instruction manual, their immune system and the BPL.

The DHI places the individual in front of a new approach to organize solutions that lead him/her to solve what needed.

In this journey into the body we make use of the infinite transit possibilities offered by CO (Cranial Osteopathy) and its listening method.

Cranial listening is the vehicle of exquisite sensitivity, that is best adapted to find resistances and to transform them into a way to heal. With the additional advantage that it interacts perfectly with other disciplines, being also self-applicable.


  • DHI Pillars.
  • Listening techniques.
  • Immune system.
  • Harmonization of the thymus (T lymphocytes, DNA).
  • Harmonization of the spleen (red pulp, white pulp, DNA).
  • Harmonization of the bone marrow (T and B lymphocytes, DNA).
  • Harmonization of the cerebral mesoderm.
  • Harmonization of Peyer’s patches (T and B lymphocytes, dendritic cells, macrophages, eosinophils, DNA).
  • BPL (useless expression routines).
  • Harmonization of belief system.
  • Harmonization before/after vaccines.

Duration: 10 hours

Price: 150 €

Date: See course calendar

Timetable: Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm

Phone: +34 636 40 51 28

E-mail: info@lalouxschool.com