BPL The Biological Power of Language

The word is, for the conscience, what the hand is for the body. It is the instrument of the instruments. The word is the key that closes and opens all the doors of communication. And the hand is the instrument capable of healing every disease. By joining them, the perfect tool emerges.

Through this seminar we put at your disposal linguistic resources that detect useless expression routines, facilitating the reprogramming of beliefs. To these resources we add the power of Cranial Osteopathy to harmonize the cerebral foci that contain these routines. These foci, which behave like short circuits, are installed on territories of the brain that control organs, influencing their metabolism.

The BPL offers a dual path of self-knowledge: by listening to the word and by listening to the brain.

All this is facilitated by the mapping of the brain with its reflected organs and their related words and expressions, so that you recognize which ones are useful and which are not. In this way, reformulating the discourse and freeing up the cerebral centers, improves the physical and mental performance. Because there are words that weaken and there are words that reinforce.

The BPL, in a simple and at the same time deep way, liberates the psyche, frees the brain, frees the organs, and places the person in a new order of perception of the environment.


  • Listening to the word and its interaction with the organs.
  • Useless expression routines.
  • Linguistic resources:
    • Speak slowly.
    • Listen.
    • Use of opposite synonyms.
    • Etymology.
    • Words-beneficial phrases.
  • The brain and its embryonic leaves.
  • Cartography of the brain: endoderm, cerebellar mesoderm, cerebral mesoderm and
  • Organs and reflected tissues.
  • Related word-expressions.
  • Listening to the brain:
    • Location of useless expression routines.
    • Liberation of the cerebral centers which contain such routines.
    • Liberation of the language control areas of Broca and Wernicke.

Duration: 10 hours

Price: 150 €

Date: See course calendar

Timetable: Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm

Phone: +34 636 40 51 28

E-mail: info@lalouxschool.com