CRT Constellation Release Technique

Constellation Release Technique

For NGM students, schizophrenic constellations are one of the most complex and delicate chapters to deal with, mainly because these constellations are usually approached only from the psyche. This unilateral approach assumes that, if sufficient information is not available regarding signs, symptoms, analyses, laterality, previous conflicts, phase of the Vegetative Nervous System (sympathicotonia – vagotonia) or hormonal status of the patient, the contingency of making an error in the diagnosis and in treatment increases.

For those new to NGM, please note that a schizophrenic constellation, also called cerebral constellation, is revealed when two active foci appear in different hemispheres. Dr. Hamer’s research shows that changes in behavior and conduct (mood disorders and mental illnesses) develop from combinations of biological shocks that have both a cerebral and an organic correlations.

CRT is a method based on the BRT® – Brain Release Technique to safely address brain constellations, also known as schizophrenic, described by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer’s NGM.

With CRT, those risks of failing in diagnosis and treatment are reduced to a minimum, given that the vision of this method is much broader as: the psyche is reviewed with the BPL – The Biological Power of Language, Hamer Foci are released in the brain with CO – Cranial Osteopathy, while the correspondent organs are treated with craniosacral “unknotting” techniques. In this way, the PSYCHE – BRAIN – ORGAN triangle is completely embraced, obtaining a discipline that sheds light on the praxis of the constellations, with satisfactory and lasting results.

This course arises to cover the need of those therapists who wish to manage schizophrenic constellations with confidence, expanding their therapeutic horizons in pathologies in which the person becomes depressive, manic, paranoid, delusional, hysterical, violent, autistic, suicidal, obsessive-compulsive, homicidal, distraught, megalomaniacal, emotionless, anorexic or bulimic and in dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Brain constellation – schizophrenic.
  • Constellations of the brain stem (endoderm).
  • Constellations of the cerebellum (cerebellar mesoderm).
  • Constellations of the brain marrow (cerebral mesoderm).
  • Constellations of the cerebral cortex (ectoderm).
  • Listening techniques.
  • Constellation of the motor cortex.
  • Constellation of the sensory cortex.
  • Constellation of the post-sensory cortex.
  • Odor constellation (diencephalon).
  • The temporal lobes.
  • Primary depression.
  • Primary mania.
  • Behaviors controlled from the temporal lobes:
    • Obsessive compulsive.
    • Maturity stop.
    • Homosexuality.
  • Postmortal constellation.
  • Casanova Constellation.
  • Nympho constellation.
  • Aggressive constellation.
  • Flight constellation.
  • Constellation of myth.
  • Auditory constellation.
  • Autistic constellation.
  • Anorexic constellation.
  • Bulimic constellation.
  • The third conflict.
  • Demarcation constellation.
  • Constellations of the visual cortex (paranoia, fear in the neck, persecution
    • Retina.
    • Vitreous body.
  • Constellation of the frontal lobe.
  • Fronto-occipital constellation.


Duration: 16 hours

Price: 300 €

Date: See course calendar

Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm
Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm

Phone: +34 636 40 51 28