Animals, like people, need their basic daily needs to be met in order to be in harmony with their environment. If these needs are not met, they enter into conflict and, if this conflict is not resolved immediately, the majority of times a number of associated signs and symptoms will begin to appear. This therapy can serve as a medication that sheds light on the issue and helps us clearly understand how animals feel when they are ill.

Biological Animal Therapy is an adaptation of Craniosacral Therapy in combination with New Medicine that can be applied to the world of animals.

Since I began to study Osteopathy, motivated by my enthusiasm in relation to the results that were achieved in humans, I began practice on animals. My first experiences were with dogs and cats, curiously exploring their anatomy and applying massage and stretching to which they responded with extraordinary improvement and appreciation. Later on, when I learned Craniosacral Therapy, the possibilities of connection with animals multiplied. I not only had close contact with their peripheral tissue but I was also able to go into complete depth of the physiology of each and every one of their organs. I was able to find out how each and every one of them felt both functionally as well as emotionally. In addition to the pathology of each organ, I was able to detect the conflictive energy that each one carried, allowing me to instantly understand the biological and emotional state of the animal. My practice increased in quality when I got to know Dr. Hamer and his teachings in the year 1999.

The father of German New Medicine, Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, demonstrated the world the largest revolution in medicine ever known. Nonetheless, a large part of the world continues to look the other way and does not give these discoveries the recognition that they deserve.

I will briefly describe what New Medicine proposes so that you can understand my approach to Craniosacral Therapy combined with New Medicine in humans and how it can be applied in the same means in animals. In the majority of the cases, an ill person expresses disorders through signs and/or symptoms that traditional medicine treats without taking into account aspects of great importance such as the ones that I will present. Illness is expressed by an ill person through a triangle in which the superior vertex is located in the psyche and the vertexes of the base are located in the brain and in the corresponding affected organs. Hamer experimented with this sequence when he faced the greatest tragedy of his life, the death of his son Dirk in December of 1978. Faced with such a horrifying experience, Hamer noticed the mark that this loss was making on his body. This observation would later lead to the discovery of the 1st law of New Medicine, or what is also referred to as the Iron Law of Cancer. This law states and confirms that all cancers and equivalent illnesses are produced as a result of a conflictive shock that is highly intense and dramatic and is experienced in solitude, affecting a person on three levels: the psyche, the brain and the organs. When the conflict occurs in the psyche it tends to appear as stress and behavioral disruptions such as insomnia and loss of appetite. On a cerebral level, the Hamer Focus (HF), in the form of a dart board, is located in the region of the brain in which the impact of the biological conflict is registered. The HF behaves like a short circuit that affects an area of the brain that controls the functioning of an organ. When the organ malfunctions, it shows signs and symptoms that are used in diagnosis and treatment, frequently resulting in incomplete medical action due to the fact that there is no revision of the psyche or the brain. It would be much more coherent for us to check all three aspects involved in illness, though it is true that this is not always an option. This option may not be available due to the fact that the biological conflict or organs cannot be accessed or that the organ is swollen and painful and does not permit manipulation. However, the brain is always accessible through the Craniosacral Therapy that I have proposed in order to begin the solution phase of any type of illness.

The 2nd Biological Law of New Medicine involves the two-phase nature of illnesses. It refers to the autonomic nervous system that works in two phases, which are the sympathicotonic and vagotonic phases. The first phase, also referred to as the active conflict phase, is triggered during an emergency situations such as fear, stress or rush and is characterized by an elevated heart rate, hypertension and nervousness. The second phase, vagatonia, also referred to as the solution of the conflict, is in charge of repairing damage that was created in the previous phase. This can be identified by the disappearance of stress, recovery of sleep and appetite, inflammation, pain and fever.

Although vagatonia comes with uncomfortable symptoms, it is the most desirable phase in order to accelerate the recovery of the entire organism. It is in this phase in which Craniosacral displays one of its best qualities by moving from a sympathicotonic phase to a vagotonic phase immediately, accelerating the phase of recovery and solution, making it easier for the individual to be cured as quickly as possible with the following advantages:

  • We work on such a gentle level that it allows us to access any tissue, regardless of its state of inflammation or sensitivity.
  • We can treat the organ and brain to reach the solution phase immediately, without the need of revealing the conflict, either because the patient does not understand it or because we are dealing with a baby or animal.

In animals, like humans, the treatment that is applied is aimed at its focuses in the brain and provides excellent and lasting results in conflicts and illnesses such as the ones described below:

  • Territorial Boundary Conflict: This conflict appears when a new individual barges into the place where the animal lives. The symptoms usually appear in the urinary tract.
  • Devaluation Conflict: If the animal suffers because they cannot deal with a particular situation such as not meeting the expectations of their owners, they will suffer from osteoporosis and after arthritis in the hip.
  • Separation Conflict: Affects the skin and the hair.
  • Loss Conflict: The genitals and breast will be affected, especially when the animal is taken prematurely from the mother’s litter.

Many conflicts exist and each animal, like people, should be treated individually and respectfully, paying close attention to the animal’s interaction with its surroundings and aspects as important as:

  • where they live and what that place is like
  • who they live with
  • what the animal’s routine is like

Before starting any therapeutic session, I believe that it is essential to connect to the basic vibrating energy of each animal.


Michael Laloux Kodaewa is a graduate and professor of Osteopathy, Naturopathic Medicine, German New Medicine, Brain Release Technique (BRT), Hormonal Osteopathy (HO) and Animal Brain Release Technique (ABRT). He is the Director of the INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CRANIAL LISTENING located in Madrid on Calle Abada, 2 – 2º 8 izda. Telephone: +34 636 405 128.